PV Port & Store (the “System”) is a standardized Plug-n-Play, portable and easy to install 2 kWp solar PV system with electrical storage for applications across residential and commercial places. It is specially designed by GIZ – Deutsche Gesellschaft für international Zusammenarbeit – on behalf of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Delhi, India considering the need of Indian conditions. PV Port & Store is a product having Global Standards with Localized Service.

The System can be installed anywhere i.e. roofs, parks, malls, public places which takes a less space and can be quickly installed. It comes with a sprinkler system having both manual/automatic modes for module cleaning. The System gives a good aesthetic look with two rotomoulded benches which are in two portions – a) to hold all the electronics and b) to hold about 1000 liters of water as counterweight and to keep the electronics cool.

The System contains intelligent controller for electrical flows. It is connected to 15 Amps socket (Plug-n-Play) and works at all time with the help of UPS.


The PV Port & Store comes up with assured quality and reliability and will be distributed through DISCOMS. It doesn’t require net metering mechanism as it is not feeding to the grid. The product is specifically targeted to increase the adoption of rooftop solar by the residential consumers to overcome the several hurdles - selection of a reliable installer, concerns over quality and price, lengthy processes for net metering (in several states), roof rights (tenant vs landlord), alternative usage of roofs, operation & maintenance and lack of access to finance / third party business models etc. The system can be consumer-based product which involves resale also.

Why PV Port & Store in India?

- Flat, concrete Roofs – No Snow
- Mature Power Backup (UPS) – Sector Power Outages are Common
- Existing Dual Wiring in most of the places – Critical Load / Heavy Loads
- One AC / Household is becoming a standard – 4-6 kWh/Night

A 2 kWh PV Port & Store generates around 8 to 10 kWh/day. So, PV Port & Store is an ideal product for Indian residential sector to use solar energy without much hassle of permissions and approvals.